``These guys are obsessed with performance and results, their approach delivered results consistently in the last 2 years and was instrumental in Batmaid becoming the #1 platform in Switzerland.``

Andreas Schollin-Borg Co-founder & CEO @ Batmaid

“We have chosen to work with Bright to boost our growth in the highly competitive real estate market. They took care of all aspects of our marketing, online and offline: the strategy, the implementation, the data analysis and the resulting campaign adjustments. Their precision and their business knowledge was key in making our business take of and thrive.”

Eric Corradin
Eric Corradin Co-Founder & CEO @ Neho

``What makes Bright different from other online marketing agencies is their
experience in accompanying young companies. They always challenge the
state of play, are very proactive and focus on long-term performance rather than short-term goals, which is essential to accelerate growth``

Bastian Heer Marketing Director @ Smood

``The right business-mindset, detail-orientation and growth expertise. Bright is not only managing digital campaigns; they focus on your business as a whole. We saw the difference right away when we started to work with them. This is why we have chosen Peak to accompany us with our launch in the first market outside of Switzerland and to grow internationally.``

Nicolas Hildebrand Founder & CEO @ WatchDreamer

``Bright offers us much more than just campaign management. They are the driving force in the marketing strategy. They started by analysing the value of our clients in order to better exploit different marketing channels. They constantly A/Btest different hypotheses in order to optimise our conversion rates and to improve our acquisition costs. This allowed us to completely rethink our budget and to conduct highly effective and performance-oriented marketing.``

David El-Eini Co-fondateur & COO @ Foxstone

``Bright carries out 100% performance-oriented precision work. They have enabled us to strongly optimise our costs and focus on what really works for us. There is no doubt that they are committed to growing our business. They have successfully introduced us to marketing channels that we never thought would be profitable for us. Thanks to this fruitful collaboration we will be launching 2 new markets very soon.``

Kerim Mekzume performance bright
Kerim Mekzume CEO @ VerySmartPhones

``Before we met Bright, we spoke with a couple of agencies which all had the same mindset and approach. What stroke us quickly was their obsession to help us make more money. They focus on what truly matters … that’s what makes them different! The results quickly followed.``

Alexandre Bonvin CEO @ kisskiss.ch

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